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1.334852960 BTC

Low: $47,759.64
High: $51,183.38
Wonderful Memories Wonderful Memories ETH Price: $4,096.14 4.30%
within 24 hours
High earnings alert
Before Buy $47.94
Then Sell $52.64
10% earn money
within 24 hours
Moderate Earnings
Before Buy $48.88
Then Sell $51.7
6% earn money
within 24 hours
Low Earnings
Before Buy $48.88
Then Sell $50.29
3% earn money
within 24 hours
%1 earnings alert
Before Buy $47.94
Then Sell $48.41
1% earn money

WMEMOMIM Wrapped MEMO / Magic Internet Money (0x23447...4b5ee) SUSHISWAP

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Daniele Sesta did an impromptu Q&A session on 1/16/22 on @Wonderland $time $memo $wMemo Here are some of the biggest takeaways:


Stop selling on TraderJoe with TIME low liquidity pairs - it hits the price heavily and you are selling below the actual price with increased slippage. If you want to dump, you can do so on Sushi with wMEMO/MIM swap pair... (personally I would advise you against dumping, but your money - your call)

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Hey experienced crypto hodlers, If the proposal to burn wmemo goes through, how would that affect the price?

Wonderland money gone or is it just calculator, or maybe Ineed to swap to wMemo?? Sorry new here.

For everyone wondering how wMEMO works and things that can be done with it

$1,000,000 WMEMO

Someone explain this concept to me… isn’t the value of staking TIME the compounding factor? If so, I’m confused on how just owning WMEMO can make you more money? The price of WMEMO is about 100k right now, it would need to go to 200k just for me to double my money. What am I missing? BTC wallet address ETH wallet address