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Today’s Punk Vault (NFTX) socials news

CM Punk: "To me, one of the best things about AEW is we enjoy payoffs. We like making the fans happy instead of just for some reason making them miserable. Doing stuff just to piss them off."

Crypto is not (solar)punk

CM Punk: “Still in a pandemic. If you’re waiting at an airport to get stuff signed, you need to stop doing that shit.”

I love pop punk but... UNPOPULAR OPINIONS ONLY!

Why did Ubi remove Ela’s devil horns on her portrait? It’s always been a cool detail to her rebellious and punk personality.

What’s one opinion on punk music you have that you get weird looks for?

[Dynamite Spoilers] Finish to CM Punk vs. Wardlow

Bryan Alvarez and Lance Storm agree that the match between Punk and Wardlow was a damaging segment (for Punk/MJF feud) and that it made them lose interest in MJF/Punk and more interested in MJF/Wardlow

So I went on Conservadpedia's list of "Greatest Conservative Songs". These are all of the punk appearances. I notice a bit of a trend between either misunderstanding the point or taking some vaguely moral concept like anti-suicide or anti-police brutality and claiming it's exclusively conservative.

Punk is often associated with dudes like Johnny Rotten or GG Allin, but who are some of the legitimately nicest people in punk?

🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎉 Legolized Punks Are Here! Upvote & Drop Address! ✅

We failed as a society. The dark cyber punk future became true.

CM Punk to a “fan”: “Sure is me, you cunt. At a show. Post vax, pre omicron, had to show proof of vax to gain entrance. NOT STALKING ANYONE AT AN AIRPORT OR A HOTEL. How stupid are you?”

14 M I’m getting into pop punk, and punk rock bands like green day, blink 182, millencolin, NOFX, etc… does anyone have any suggestions for a new punk rocker?

CM Punk to Okada: “Here’s my address, come see me: 1901 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612 United States”

Name your favorite daft punk song and I will give you one reason why you’re right


[CM Punk] Working on my calendar, am I in the rumble?

November is over punk

🎁 FREE PUNK NFT 🧟‍♂️ drop your address 🤑 and check comments 👇🏽

[CM Punk] Sting is amazing. Amazing in multiple decades. Not easy to do, but you couldn’t tell by watching him. Makes it look effortless. Sting is AMAZING.

“CM Punk is one of the most respected people back stage”

Daniel Garcia on Twitter: Letting a grown man punk you out for 10 seconds before doing anything to respond told me everything I needed to know. Lets see what that textures worth Samuel.

I don’t know the context behind this video but Nate Diaz randomly punks some dude at the fight last night. Everyone is saying it is A.J McKee but I’m not sure.

Favourite punk rock guitarist: I don't subscribe to the 'best', 'greatest' etc. For me, such adjectives are meaningless when it comes to punk. Simplicity, attitude, catchiness, presence, maketh the punk guitarist. So...Who is your favourite and why?

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